A post supervisor with the experience to deliver.

 Experienced in the file format requirements from home movies to theaters. I’ve managed everything from closed captioning for television to file delivery for foreign cinematic distribution. I’ve managed the delivery of DVDs and Blurays for Walmart shelves, managed over the archiving for a distributor, and managed the inner workings of Roku Apps. SD to UHD


Senior Editor of Uptone Pictures               2014-2018

Whistler (Editor & Co-Director)                              2018

Brlliant D (Pilot)                                                                2018   

Product ads (5 for TV Storefront)                          2018

Fire & Ice (Pilot)                                                                2017

“Show Me” by Prowess (360 Music Video)      2017
“Imagination” by Millah (Supervisor)                  2017

“Um Som” by Millah (Music Video)                      2017

Ricomida (Pilot/Sizzle)                                                2017           

Nobodies    (short)                                                         2016

Union Bound   (music video)                                    2016

One Hell of An Angel   (supervisor)                     2016

Union Bound   (feature)                                              2016

Jack Casey   (5 music videos)                                  2015

Corners   (feature)                                                         2015

Ringside Rosary    (feature)                                      2013